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Common to all of these meetings is that they provide the opportunity to share experiences and ideas, inspiring you to think beyond your own horizons, and to develop and sustain that invaluable network of people – with names and faces – that you know you can get in touch with when you need help, advice, or someone to bounce ideas with. Keep reading to learn more about how we experienced this at the EBSCO beta meeting and at the German FOLIO Days.

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In late March, my colleague Lari and I spent three productive days getting to know and working together with colleagues from the libraries at University of Alabama and the Five Colleges in Amherst. Like Chalmers, these libraries are implementing FOLIO as EBSCO beta partners, with hosting, implementation and support services from EBSCO. Hosted by the 5 Colleges and organized by EBSCO’s team of implementation consultants, the meeting included many interesting discussions and quite a bit of hands-on work.

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At the end of that day, we could all be very proud that, defying belief, we had actually made it through all the features and refined our prioritization of them.


Feature prioritization in action. (Photo by Theodor Tolstoy)

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A captive audience at the German FOLIO Days.

In mid-April my colleague Marie and I went to Bremen for the German FOLIO Days, which we saw as a chance to get to know European members of the FOLIO community. It was great to see and speak to so many librarians and service providers from all over Germany, and some visitors from other countries, all curious about FOLIO. For Chalmers it is crucial to have a strong footing in the European community. We know that there are issue and interests particular to the European context, like the GDPR and localization and internationalization, that are vital both to us as European institutions and for FOLIO to be a project with a truly international identity and viability in the European market.

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Since neither Marie nor I speak German, we had an interesting time using online translation tools, the advantage of having a Germanic first language, and kind help from fellow conference participants to keep up with presentations and workshops in German. Finding the right balance between a common language and the language that attendants are most comfortable is a tough challenge – but it’s one that I’m actually happy to see us faced with, since it means that the community really is international. It might also have been partly thanks to this creative confusion of languages, paired with the openness of the people present, that I found myself feeling oddly comfortable in a workshop in German on loading user data into FOLIO using bash – another language I’m not quite fluent in yet.


Chalmers staff testing FOLIO.

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Working with FOLIO, at this moment in time, you get to experience these encounters of people and software and organizations and ideas in abundance. In the coming month I look forward to trying out the latest release of FOLIO in the Q 2.1 release bugfest, to delving further into data migration, and to talking FOLIO with international colleagues at the FOLIO working meeting in Washington DC and at ALA.

/Lisa Sjögren

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Dag tre och fyra

Bild 1

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Utsikten utanför biblioteket!

Men man kan inte gå på promenad hela dagen så vi vände tillbaka för att träffa Ereni som är den person som är förste katalogisatör, eller vad man ska kalla det. Hierarkin är fortfarande viktig här. Ingen gör något på eget initiativ eller utan ha först ha fått klartecken från den som bestämmer i teamet. Den personen i sin tur måste få förändringarna konfirmerade från bibliotekschefen. Det är därför arbetet går så långsamt och att de sitter fast i gamla rutiner men de se det inte så själva. Varför ändra på något som fungerar, frågar de?

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Erenis skrivbord! Jag tycker jag har det rörigt men detta….

Jag hade ett långt och intressant samtal med bibliotekschefen om bibliotekssystem. I början på 90-talet började biblioteket på Kreta att utveckla ett webbsystem som hette Potolomaus som de använde men det behövde utvecklas efter ett tag eftersom det var mycket enkelt och de hade inte resurser för det. De började då titta på Aleph som är israeliskt och bestämde sig för det. Farm Babies - Sterling Publishing Company Sterling Publishing Company - böcker (9781402717147) Bokhandel

Bild 10

Bibliotekschef Manolis Kokourakis och hans sekreterare Sophia.

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